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MGL Training provides training programs for individual athletes as well as entire teams. All training is tailored to fit the individual needs and goals of the athletes. The same attention to detail and methods of training for our professional athletes is implemented with all our athletes. Building relationships is very important to us and we are in it for the long haul. It is our goal at MGL to help our athletes reach the top level in their sport. Our mission is to offer insight on how to progress a young athletes from ages of 5 through 18 so they have the best opportunity to be successful on the field and, more importantly, in life.  After all, we want our kids to live a healthier, happier, and more active life than we’ve had. But how we do we do that? By helping them to develop a strong mindset, love movement, stay strong, and avoid injury. It is important to discuss goals and plan performance training with young athletes.




At this age we put a tremendous emphasis on form, technique and quality of movement. We believe that it is absolutely critical that our Middle School athletes create really good habits now while gaining mastery in our basic movements and lifts so as they get older and progress they have a solid foundation to fall back on and understand how to perform every lift safely and effectively.




Our youth development programs give kids the opportunity to learn and perform basic footwork, hand movement, and speed drills. Coordination, agility, and confidence are developed as they eventually master these movement skills and develop critical foundational strength.




MGL Training uses the same training principles and tools for high school athletes as it does for its professional athletes The only difference is in execution, focus and manageability. After we establish your proper athletic foundation we will work with you to get your body to become more powerful and explosive for the requirements of your particular sport. We have found that this is the fastest and safest way to train growing, developing athletic bodies and it also aids in preventing sports related injuries.


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MGL Training highlights our athletes on all our social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to help get their name out, make connections to D1 colleges, and network. Training videos are made complimentary for parents use to send out to colleges.

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