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MGL Training offers personal training sessions that are dynamic workouts for 1-on-1 training, couples training, and group training. Sessions are 1-hour in length with a variety of exercises to keep you engaged, challenged, and to correctly balance the muscle groups being exercised from session to session. Our in-person sessions are focused on strength training as well as mobility training so that you can improve your metabolism & move well in your body! Fat loss, muscle gain, enhanced joint mobility, cardio health, core strength, and posture correction are just some of the benefits you will gain through MGL Training Sessions! No matter your age, MGL Training gives you the encouragement and skills to live an active, mobile life! Body Composition Analysis is conducted monthly to track progress! Click here to check out our client transformations!


MGL Athletic Training sessions are offered for ages 5+ for athletes of any sport or beginners! This training is specialized to equip athletes with agility, stamina, and power. Pylometric work, speed training, and footwork drills are all apart of MGL Athletic Training sessions. Sessions are 1-hour in length. Athletes are grouped together by age and experience level to engage and challenge each other throughout the session. 

Training is adapted for non-athletic beginners as well! Perfect for youth that have been inactive to get mobile again! 

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