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Are you ready? You can do this! Transform your life and feel great about how you look and feel in your body! Read just a few of our client spotlights. They made the commitment to their self and didn't turn back! 

"I’ve lived 50% of my life overweight. It wasn’t until I had a health scare that I took my health serious and begin my journey. Starting off not know a thing about fitness or nutrition I struggled in the beginning. So many times I lost weight to only gain some back, or simply struggled finding the balance between the proper workout and proper foods. Though I made great progress on my own, it wasn’t until I found MGL Fitness when my journey really started. With their tailored fitness plan, nutrition coaching, & simply their true desire to create something special for their clients, it made my journey that much less stressful. Even when “medicine” couldn’t help with certain things, the team at MGL & their years of experience & education were able to help those same things.No matter how amazing I look & feel now, I know with continued help & support for the MGL team, my journey will forever continue."



"I'm so thankful and grateful to Muri for pushing me outside my comfort zone. I thought I could push myself after getting out of the military but I wasn't getting any results. MGL Training intensified my workout and I also greatly improved with general mobility. I can literally feel the difference in my everyday life and it is so worth it!"


"I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time. Working with MGL Training kept me encouraged to stick with my training routine and actually accomplish progress. I can say that each workout I am challenged and know it's worth it. So very thankful for MGL Training!"



"Thank you to MGL Training for creating the best motivational environment for people to transform their bodies. Thank you God for giving me strength and determination even in my lowest of times. Changes happen through action. Only when your habits change will you see fundamental progress with your goals. Always humble!"


“After my first workout with Muri I was amazed at how sore I was! The workout challenged me and I was able to engage and feel muscles I hadn’t before! From then on I’ve been hooked! His program has so many different exercises and he continues to raise the bar and get me to the next level 💯 💪💪💪”


“Muri is a dedicated, hard-working guy. He will push you to your limits because he wants to see you reach your full potential. He has great knowledge of numerous types of training. I highly recommend Muri for anyone that’s looking to get in shape.”


"MGL Training has been a true blessing in my life. The process has truly transformed me. Not only did I get my body back, but also my confidence. I’ve never been more proud to look at the “before” picture than I am now. Thank you for helping me come this far, your personal approach has worked wonders.” -Will


“It was hard for me keeping consistency with my workouts and knowing what to do. That's when I met Muri and he kept me accountable and took away the excuses I had been making. Never felt like I wasted my time or money at the gym again! Very grateful!”


“I quickly gained a lot of weight after starting college and being on birth control medicines. It seemed like I was having to buy bigger clothes every time I turned around. Finally, I said enough. I started studying nutrition and exercise as much as possible. I changed my lifestyle through committed healthy eating and exercise. Then I became a personal trainer because this experience made me very passionate about transformation and the years of struggle I went through before I finally found my way. ”


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